-LOLCats were created by William Shatner as a cure for depression.
-The moon is NOT made of cheese. It is in fact just a really dry sponge.
-George W. Bush is the greatest President the United Sttes has ever had.
-O.J. didn’t kill anybody. It was his evil twin J.O. Simpson.
-Chuck Norris invented the Konami code.
-I like Eggs
-Tom cruise is actually sane(on his own planet anyway).
-No idea is original. The only exception would of course be my ideas.
-Tupac, Biggie, Elvis and Curt Cobain are alive and sharing a house in Cuba.
-The Sega Dreamcast is one of the most important parts needed to form Voltron.
-Two negatives CAN make a positive. If you went back in time, killed Hitler and tossed his carcus down a well, you would be considered a hero today.
-Star Wars is overrated, but 100% accurate.
-Andre the Giant was an accomplished breakdancer. In New York, he was known as Nimble Nick Neidhart.



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