Where to start…Part time writer, full time slacker. That’s a good way to describe me. You ever meet someone who had a talent(like being a good singer for example), but they never really applied themselves and threw away their chance for success? Yeah well, that’s kinda my situation.

I could probably focus and accomplish something amazing using one of my many talents, but it’s so much easier to just sit back and watch the world pass you by. Regrets? I’ve had a few. With a second chance, would I do things differently? Knowing me, that’s doubtful.

With my love for watching sports and playing video games, I feel somewhat obligated to be anti-productive. I must keep tabs on the current goings on in gaming, The various sports dramas(including Terrell Owens Bret Favre’s attention seeking off field stunts), etc.

Guess the only ones to blame are the media and the entertainment mediums. Damn you for providing as outlet for such intriguing people. Damn you again for providing coverage of said people. If it weren’t so addictive I would have actually done a bit more with my life by now.


…But I digress. Aside from blaming others for my shortcomings in lighthearted fashion, I also write the occasional article and draw the occasional picture. Topics range from games, software reviews, pop culture and whatever else I feel like typing. I attempt to look at things in a humorous manner sometimes. My motto: “life’s too short to take things seriously.”

Actually, I don’t have a motto. I procrastinate too much to come up with one.

Anyway, this blog is an extension of my writing. I post summaries of my articles, and provide links to them at the end of posts. Comments to the blog posts are welcome. But comments to the articles themselves would be better.


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